Vibrant Memories

Vibrant Memories

Poem of Whisper and Mystery That Brings out the Vigour of Heart

Gemma Escolano


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“VIBRANT MEMORIES”, a poetry book that for your eyes to see, for your heart to feel and for your mind to comprehend, the songs of your heart that everyone can hear.

The mystery behind the smile can reveal from this book of poetry. The silence of the heart, the noises of the mind, the burning desire of happiness, the severe loneliness, the agony, and abandonment. All the intense feelings of emotion are the ingredients of this book, “VIBRANT MEMORIES”. The taste of victory of how the author’s collaborated words from the innermost feelings mostly derives from her own experiences as well as from others and compiled these into a poetic way. This book gives enlightenment to open the heart and mind of everyone who is suffering from different kinds of the situation from hurdles, hindrances, and obstacles that we can experience in our daily walks of life. The author’s point of view is, what so ever you are dealing with, there’s always light and hope in every storm you may encounter. This book also represents of author’s skilled in photography as one of her passions. You can see in this book how the poetry connects to a photographic design to combine into one perspective to give more life of what the message of this book wants to deliver. The different images from different places and things that bring these into your eyes to see, to feel the word into the different angle sides of art, nature, and portrait photography. The astonishing images and the details of the works given are more delighted and profound messages in the eyes and hearts of the readers.